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Promo photo of Katie Stewart
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Wedding Singer; Chesterfield, Peak District, Sheffield, Derby and Nottingham

Katie Stewart is one of Derbyshire's inspirational, professional singers. Her voice is full of passion, class and vitality. Katie loves to sing and is never happier when performing her art, to the appreciation of others.

Katie performs professionally for clients that wish to hire a singer in Derbyshire. The area includes Chesterfield and Derby, the Peak District and the cities of Sheffield, Leeds, Manchester and Nottingham. Whether you are looking for a solo female singer for a large event or a discreet venue; Katie's voice and style is perfect for all occasions.

If you looking for a wedding singer, a singer for a corporate event or a lounge singer Katie's singing will enhance your gathering and charm your guests.

See Katie Stewart Perform

Katie has regular 'lounge singer' bookings at several prestigious local hotels and looks forward to entertaining you during your stay. The main hotels are The Peak Edge Hotel in Stonedge, Chesterfield and the Casa Hotel in Chesterfield on alternate Friday evenings. Please come along and join in the fun.

Musical Influences

"I've dedicated most, if not all, of my life to music. I've grown with music and music has grown with me. My passion is to sing my songs and for people to enjoy them.

"My musical influences started at a very young age when watching my Mother vacuum the house to the music of Sade and Randy Crawford.

"The influence continued, at the tender age of eight, after I heard one of the most timeless pieces of music; 'The Flower Duet' from Léo Delibes' Lakmé.

"Later that same day, singing the piece from memory whilst musing in the bathroom, I thought how wonderful it would be to sing as beautifully as the lady in the white costume when, to my intense surprise, I hit the top note!

"I was incredibly lucky to catch the attention of a passing neighbour, who had heard me hit that note through the open bathroom window. Our neighbour, who dedicated herself to running the local choir, introduced herself and immediately requested I start singing with them. My parents agreed and I believe joining the choir gave me the very best start to my musical career.

Signed Katie

"My no .1 love is to sing to an audience and watch all their faces light up throughout my performance."